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Купити газ для населення

About company


We are a Group of companies with foreign investments specializing in the implementation of projects in the energy industry of Ukraine

The history of ERU Group goes back to 2014, when a new natural gas market was created.

ERU was one of the first companies to implement a number of innovations and modern procedures that the industry desperately needed.

Starting with a single contract for supplying 10,000 cubic meters of gas, in 5 years we  became one of the largest private importers of natural gas to Ukraine from Europe (Hungary, Slovakia and Poland). Our portfolio includes leading international suppliers, as well as major enterprises of metallurgical, construction, engineering and food industries among customers. This became possible as a result of progressive and effective actions of ERU, including steps towards energy independence of Ukraine. 

Together with our partners in 2017, we organized the first delivery of LNG to Ukraine, and in 2019 contracted the first cubic meters of American LNG to arrive to the Polish LNG-terminal in November 2019 for re-gasification and further transportation to Ukrainian gas storage facilities. This granted a possibility for a pricing option other than  from Hungary, Slovakia and Germany through Poland, that  proves the expediency of these operations,  that also became an additional factor for increasing competition in the Ukrainian market.

ERU Group holds a political risk insurance policy from the US state agency, - Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), and has updated its terms by signing an agreement with the newly formed US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), following with transformation of the agency in early 2020. This twenty-year contract protects ERU from risks during the transportation, storage and selling of gas in Ukraine.

Since early 2019, we have actively continued operations on the end—customer electricity market , and with the launch of the new market in summer 2019, ERU became the first importer of electricity from Europe to Ukraine.

At the end of 2019, ERU has signed an agreement for joint hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities in the Western of Ukraine with the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG. Acquisition of an asset with a valid license for the exploration and production of natural gas allowed us to take up a new important and promising direction and marked the transition from midstream to upstream. Thus, we are developing to contribute to energy efficiency and energy independence of Ukraine.


OUR MISSION – implementation of best global practices into trading and investment projects in energy sector of Ukraine







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