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ERU TRADING Commences Electricity Exports in December 2015

ERU TRADING (a subsidiary of ENERGY RESOURCES OF UKRAINE) has acquired access to the cross-border electricity transmission lines for exports of electricity in December 2015

Earlier ERU TRADING acquired access to the 20 MW cross-border electricity transmission lines for electricity exports to Slovakia, Hungary and Romania in November of the current year. Thus, in fact, the export supplies of electricity by the company started from the 1st of November 2015 and are continuing in December. The exact scope of electricity exports before the end of 2015 will be determined by the pricing environment of the European energy markets. 

Jointly with foreign partners, ERU TRADING also intends to participate in the annual auction for access to the cross-border transmission lines for electricity exports in 2016. 

Managing Partner and Commercial director of ERU TRADING Yaroslav Mudryi noted that ‘the beginning of electricity supplies to Europe has become possible thanks to the efforts of our professional team having successful experience in foreign electricity markets, as well as due to the introduction of transparent rules for access to the transmission capacity from the Ukrainian side for all the market players. We welcome the opportunity to actively participate in the development of the market and are optimistic about the future prospects of this work stream for us.’